Personal Information Protection Policy

Basic Policy

EXEDY, under the principle of human dignity present in our corporate philosophy and as per our code of conduct, will adhere to all laws pertaining to private information and will make every effort to protect that information.

Course of Action

  1. When EXEDY acquires private information, we will make clear our reason for using it, and will acquire such information through both fair and proper means. Private Information shall be utilized for business purposes within a pre-determined range of minimum access.
  2. We will administer and appropriately control the dissemination of information when requests for information are received from third parties. Unless otherwise specified by law, we will not provide private information to third parties without obtaining preliminary consent from the individual.
  3. We will maintain the security and accuracy of all private information and ensure that it is safeguarded. We will take necessary security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification and dissemination of private information.
  4. We recognize personal rights regarding the disclosure, correction, suspension and disposal of private information and we will act without delay when the circumstances demand so.
  5. We will continuously improve our internal management system in order to protect private information.

June 28, 2022
President & CEO

Tetsuya Yoshinaga