EXEDY Group's Sustainability Activities

Our Health Management

Based on the policy "Our corporation cannot exist without safety", we promote activities to maintain and improve employee health to achieve "zero illness".

Health Management Policy

Based on the recognition that the health of each and every employee is an important asset for the company, we have established a health management policy based on our management policy and promote activities to maintain and improve the health of our employees.

Management Policy

Safety first / health promotion

Make a company where employees are fulfilled

Health Management Policy

Prevention of work-related illness and promotion of physical and mental health

A comfortable work environment for each and every employee

Purpose of Promoting Health Management

Prevention of serious illness and reducing mental health problems

Creating comfortable workplaces and systems

Health Management Promotion System

The company-wide General Health and Safety Manager (executive officer in charge of the Administrative Headquarters) is in charge, and related departments, including the health management division, industrial physicians, health staff, health insurance association, and labor union, work together to promote health promotion activities.


Our Health Initiatives

At EXEDY, we carry out various activities, with the goal of increasing the number of people who take necessary actions themselves to maintain and improve their health.


Nursing staff is stationed at the on-premise clinic to carry out health checks of employees and prevent serious illness. Medical interviews are carried out by the company nurse or psychosomatic physician to ensure our employees are both physically and mentally in good shape.

We also provide oral health care. A dental hygienist is stationed at the Headquarters’ clinic's dentistry and employees can receive treatment by a dentist. We also conduct dental checkups as a part of our routine health examinations for all of our factory employees, to enable early detection and early treatment of any possible problem.



For our employees to develop an interest in and gain a correct understanding of health management and mental health care, we carry out stratified health management education and mental health care education adjusted to the employee's lifestage.

Promoting Sports

We have a gymnasium and gym facilities at our company premises that our employees can use freely.
Since 2016, we organize global sports events to promote sports throughout the entire EXEDY Group and improve communication.


Improving Communication

Since 2011, we hold summer festivals at our Headquarters, Ueno Division and Kawagoe Plant, for our employees, their families and members of the local community to enjoy together.
In addition, we provide support to the social gatherings held in each department. We aim to improve communication within departments and contribute to the creation of a healthy and comfortable workplace.


Through various activities, we will continue to promote the physical and mental health of our employees.