EXEDY Group's Sustainability Activities


Growing as a Global Company

The personal development of employees is development of the EXEDY Group. The strategic direction of this growth is defined in the “EXEDY Way”. In order to continue to grow and evolve as a global company, we believe that developing global human resources and contributing to society and self-fulfillment through our work will lead to “Creation of Fulfillment”, our corporate philosophy.

Global Human Resources Development Headquarters

In order to prevail in global competition, our management activities focus on "how to develop global human resources” and "how to develop human resources that are capable of working on their own initiative, producing results". As a first step, in April 2016 we established the "Global Human Resources Development Headquarters" that specializes in creating mechanisms for human resources development, training plans and planning work. While undertaking its role as the base of human development for the EXEDY Group, a structure will be developed that trains human resources who are able to contribute to customers and society.