EXEDY Group's Sustainability Activities

Initiatives Involving Our Suppliers

Environmental Action

グリーン調達ガイドラインの制定In order to respond to environmental problems in our business activities, we have been continually working on improving our environmental management system since acquiring an ISO 14001 certification. In order to implement production with consideration for the environmental impact, we realized that the management of the entire supply chain is indispensable. Therefore, we established the "Green Procurement Guidelines” in May 2004. We revise it in accordance with changes in domestic and international environmental regulations and we ask our affiliates to cooperate with the company's initiatives and policies in environmental conservation activities throughout the supply chain.

Green Procurement Guidelines

  1. Basic Environmental Policy
  2. Management of Specific Substances
  3. Our Request to Cooperating Companies
    1. Compliance with Ordinance and Regulations etc.
    2. Establishment and Maintenance of Our Environmental Management System
    3. Handling Specific Substances


  1. Dealing with companies that are yet to acquire ISO 14001 certification
    We request self-audits regarding environmental initiatives for cooperating companies that have not yet acquired ISO 14001. The cooperating companies that do not meet the desired standards are asked to improve and hereby we are able to raise the overall level.
  2. Promoting Green Procurement

    1) We conducted a survey among cooperating companies and held a briefing session regarding management of chemical substances for those companies that need further understanding of environmental management. It was held in January 2017 and 82 companies participated.

    2) We ask our cooperating companies for their cooperation with green procurement at the annual Purchasing Guidelines Briefing.

    3) Based on customer request, we conduct surveys for the presence of specific substances such as phthalates and/or PFOA in procured products.

Preventing Bribery in Our Supply Chain

In order to promote fair and transparent corporate and procurement activities, we have set the following two points on corruption prevention in our “CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies". We request that all cooperating companies understand and follow them.

  1. We carry out all political contributions and donations, etc. abiding by each country’s respective laws and endeavor to build fair and transparent relationships with governments and administrations of these countries.
  2. We shall neither offer nor accept entertainment, gifts and money with the objective of gaining profit in an unfair manner.

As a part of our education, the Code of Conduct is distributed to all employees and we hold reading sessions to gain a thorough understanding.
Employees are expected to politely refuse offers of entertainment and gifts. In case employees are unable to refuse, they will immediately report the matter to their superior and make sure matters are carried out openly.

CSR Workshops and Promotion of Appropriate Transactions


In order to understand CSR correctly, we participate in CSR workshops organized by our customers and deepen our understanding.

For cooperating companies to understand and carry out CSR activities, we introduce the "CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies" and "Guidelines for Appropriate Transactions in the Automobile Industry" in our Purchasing Guidelines Briefings, and we ask our cooperating companies to pass it on through the chain of suppliers.
In addition, we inform our cooperating companies regarding various seminars on promoting fair and transparent transactions to raise their awareness.

Education of Our Employees

We carry out training for our employees on a regular basis to promote appropriate transactions.

Code of Conduct Reading Sessions

Every week everyone gathers for the morning meeting and where we read the Code of Conduct together and deepen our understanding.

Appropriate Transaction Classes

Appropriate Transaction ClassesEvery year in November during "Appropriate Subcontracting Promotion Month”, we organize a lecture with instructors from within and outside the company, to raise awareness regarding appropriate transactions (Subcontract Law etc.) among employees of our company and its affiliated companies.

Further, we attend seminars promoting appropriate transactions hosted by the various organizations.

Conflict Minerals

The EXEDY Group carries out its procurement activities taking into consideration the impact of conflict minerals* (raw materials that may cause social problems relating to human rights and the environment) on local communities. With our “Cooperating Company CSR Guidelines” we request cooperating companies to do the same. Since 2013, in accordance with customers and the activities of the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, we conduct a yearly survey of our domestic and overseas cooperation companies and their supply chain.

*Conflict Minerals
Four minerals "tin", "tantalum", "tungsten" and "gold", produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries in Africa are used to fund armed groups etc.

Supply Chain Management

The Group conducts activities to minimize the disruption of the supply chain at the time of a bankruptcy, disaster, etc., at a cooperating company, or natural disaster, so that we can recover as soon as possible. In particular, to minimize the damage when a disaster strikes, we regularly confirm the location information of each production base, the earthquake resistance status of buildings and production facilities, and emergency contact information. We request improvements from cooperating companies where necessary.

Supporting Suppliers Affected by Disaster

Hoping for a speedy recovery of the affected cooperating companies, we sent gasoline and diesel after the Great East Japan Earthquake. After the Central Tottori Earthquake, we send plastic tarpaulins as a material support to the affected area.

Collaborations with Our overseas Bases

Purchasing staff at overseas production bases gather at the EXEDY Headquarters and hold a Global Purchasing Meeting. Here we review, share and improve the supply chain risk management activities of each company.

Global Purchasing MeetingGlobal Purchasing Meeting

Global Purchasing Meeting

Participation in related organizations and initiatives

EXEDY's Executive Officer and Executive General Manager of MT Manufacturing Headquarters is a member of the Production Subcommittee of the Kansai Branch of the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association and serves as a sub-leader.