EXEDY Group's Sustainability Activities

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact in Product Development

Development of Fuel Efficient Products

Our Damper for Hybrid Vehicles
Our Damper for Hybrid Vehicles

We at EXEDY have our sights set on eco-friendly product development, and are working to make products that contribute to smaller, lightweight, and fuel-efficient vehicles. In addition, we are contributing to the creation of societies that use vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner, with many of our products equipped within hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and other eco-friendly vehicles.

Our Efforts to Reduce Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions Resulting from Tests Run During Product Development (Development Headquarters)

Transient Dynamometer Testing Equipment
Transient Dynamometer Testing Equipment

In order to contribute to our society and make products that please our customers, we, in 2015, introduced our transient dynamometer, a testing machine that simulates the conditions of an actual vehicle, and we have actively been developing products that can handle reduced CO2 emissions and improvements in fuel efficiency.

We also have been moving forward with energy conservation at our currently existing facilities, carrying out energy-saving design that includes a switch from hydraulic power sources to electric ones and the establishment of regenerative power mechanisms. While maintaining required functionality, we have been able to make improvements to power consumption and keep it below 10%. In addition to this, we have been able to reduce power consumption by 20% by moving forward with switching each of our testing facilities over to LED lighting, all the while making sure that the rooms remain appropriately lit for the work being done.

Chemical Substance Regulations

In order to comply with environmental laws and regulations, prevent environmental pollution and reduce risks, we have introduced an evaluation system before adopting chemical substances and work to reduce environmental impact.

Chemical Substance Management

Chemical Substance Management

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact in Our Purchasing and Transportation

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact in Our Purchasing

At the EXEDY Group, in order to implement production with consideration for the environmental impact, we established the "Green Procurement Guidelines” and with the support of our cooperating companies, we keep working to reduce the environmental impact of the entire supply chain.

Green Procurement Guidelines (Outline)
Our Request to Cooperating Companies


  1. Compliance with Ordinance and Regulations etc.
  2. Establishment and Maintenance of Our Environmental Management System
  3. Management of Chemical Substances
  4. Environmental Efforts in Our Business Operations
    1. A. Reduction of Climate Change Impact, including Promotion of Energy-Saving Activities and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases
    2. B. VOC Reduction
    3. C. Reduction of PRTR Substance
    4. D. Promotion of Waste Reduction and Recycling
    5. E. Reducing Impact on Water Resources and Water Quality
    6. F. Reduction of Impact on Biodiversity
  5. Management of the Supply Chain


Green Procurement Briefing
Green Procurement Briefing

Green Procurement Briefing

In January 2017, we held the Green Procurement Briefing. Here we requested the 98 participating companies for their cooperation in strengthening our product chemical substance management system.

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact in Our Transportation (Streamlining Transportation Efficiency)

In order to reduce CO2 generated in the transportation process of products, we work together with our affiliate EXEDY Logistics Co., Ltd. to improve packaging and packaging materials to improve loading efficiency, and we are continually looking to implement improvements such as shorter transportation routes, etc.

Activities to Contribute to Society and Preserving Biodiversity

ISO14001 Lecture for Kids

ISO14001 Lecture for KidsWe support the activities of ISO14001 for Kids, an initiative of Mie Prefecture and every year we visit elementary schools in Mie to give lectures. The children who participate in the program, work on conservation of energy and resource in their homes with cooperation from their families.

Wall Surface Greening - Kawagoe Plant

Wall Surface GreeningWall Surface Greening

As a part of the greening activities at the Kawagoe Plant, the plant’s wall surface is being used to cultivate fruits. Employees cultivated grapes, kiwis, etc., and harvested the fruits that grew on the walls. Through these activities we raise our employees’ environmental awareness and contribute to CO2 reduction, while enjoying the fruit that we grow ourselves.