EXEDY Group's Sustainability Activities


Environmental Policy

Basic Policy

The EXEDY Group aims to be a company that powerfully creates joy for its customers, society, and its employees through the development and manufacture of products based on technologies that efficiently transmit power, thereby contributing to the development of a sustainable society.
To achieve this goal, we have positioned global environmental conservation as one of our management priorities, and we will continue to make improvements to achieve our goals.

Action Policy

  • 1. Strengthening compliance with laws and regulations
    •  ・In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations stipulated by respective countries, we establish voluntary standards in an effort to prevent air, water, and land pollution and minimize our environmental impact.
  • 2. Contribution to a decarbonized society and adaptation to climate change
    •  ・By deepening our core technologies that efficiently transmit power, we contribute to improving the energy efficiency of society.
    •  ・We aim to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions in our operations by implementing technological innovations in our manufacturing technologies.
    •  ・We will adapt to climate change and become more resilient.
  • 3. Circular Economy
    •  ・We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our entire supply chain by developing new products and technologies that take life cycle into account.

Febrary 15, 2023
Tetsuya Yoshinaga
President & CEO

Tetsuya Yoshinaga

  • ※1 Resilience: the ability to quickly adapt to disruptions
  • ※2 Lifecycle: From procurement of raw materials for products and services to disposal and recycling
  • ※3 Circular Economy: An economic model that circulates resources without producing waste and considers products and raw materials
      that are discarded in traditional production and consumption processes, as new resources.