Clutch Discs

Passenger Vehicles

Unity Type

This automotive part, which is sandwiched between the clutch cover and the flywheel, is directly responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission, and is able to reduce vibrations in the drivetrain due to its excellent friction materials and damper mechanism.

Wide Angle Damper Type

This is a clutch disc that we manufacture to handle engines with high RPMs, such as direct injection and diesel engines. It is equipped with high performance dampers that excel in attenuating vibrations.

Single Hub Silent

A clutch disc that is able to reduce gear rattle caused by the vehicle when the driver is idling or changing speeds.

Trucks and Buses

Large-sized Unity Type

Like its small-sized counterpart, this unity disc, which was made for use in large-sized vehicles, reduces vibrations in the drivertain due to its excellent friction materials and damper mechanism.

Large-sized Silent

This disc is capable of absorbing noise and vibration in the drivetrain to provide the driver with a quieter driving experience.

Combination Disc

This model combines both organic and metallic friction materials to greatly increase the durability of the clutch disc.


Ultra Fiber Clutch Disc

This unit, which is made using high strength fibers, features both superior heat resistance as well as durability at high RPMs. It offers a seamless driving experience when the clutch is partially engaged, and it is used in both modified vehicles, where smooth vehicular operation is desired, and drifting, where heat resistance is a must.

Metallic Clutch Disc

This highly heat-resistant disc excels at transmitting large amounts of torque through its use of metallic friction materials. Often found in cars used for races and rallies, the metallic clutch disc provides drivers with a smooth shifting experience thanks to its original lightweight design.

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